Friday, July 25, 2014

God is Beggar

Imagine the Beggar-God pleading for our hearts. Panting as if His desire was within our grasp alone to satisfy. Tearfully clutching at our legs refusing to be passed off without a morsel of love even as if it were a bone thrown to a dog to appease its wining.
Shoulder My cross, let us share the burden together. When its weight is too much let us fall at the same time and when I rise you just take My hand and as one we shall stand.
When they nail your hand to the cross I will hold your heart and when they nail mine you can hold mine and together we will ascend through the clouds to the throne of love where sacrifice will give birth to uninterrupted Communion. But first, shoulder My Cross and let us share the burden together. I want it to be you sharing that burden, no one else but you. Don’t you know that I love you. Why else do I ask this of you? Shoulder My desire and discover yours sated. In unison we shall walk bearing the burden of a common love, Mine for you and yours for me. Let us walk through this world together carrying one and the same burden, the burden of one another’s love. Let the common burden of the Cross bring us together. Let the Cross be our nuptial bond. I beg you for relief, for a moments reprieve. I look for a willing hand to hold what I alone cannot. This alone is My limit. I cannot handle what must be held by two, between two for one timeless moment. By two, between two for one sweet timeless moment which eternity will never forget.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Behold a Sacred Host towering over the hearts of men in royal attire where silence is the language of love and communion the ecstasy of the soul. A flaming Chalice burning with the light of love has purified my way through a darkened vineyard. Now I can see what hope had hidden beneath the fruit of the vine where faith is fully realized in the sweet taste of love that is Truth.
Love was slain in the process of unfettering truth. But the light of heaven shone through the signs of slaughter revealing the undeniable victory of love as the one truth that can never really be fettered.