Monday, June 16, 2014

Behold a Sacred Host towering over the hearts of men in royal attire where silence is the language of love and communion the ecstasy of the soul. A flaming Chalice burning with the light of love has purified my way through a darkened vineyard. Now I can see what hope had hidden beneath the fruit of the vine where faith is fully realized in the sweet taste of love that is Truth.
Love was slain in the process of unfettering truth. But the light of heaven shone through the signs of slaughter revealing the undeniable victory of love as the one truth that can never really be fettered.

A novena of love

A novena of love prayed upon knees of faith as tears of hope flood my cheeks with the warmth of the Word made flesh, who’s glory I now receive in the mysterious novena of love; the one prayer I so happily wish to repeat.

Without first having

None of us can properly kneel in service of our brothers and sisters without first having knelt in adoration of Him whose love illumines the way to genuine service of both friend and foe. To kneel before a brother without due regard for the Truth of our brother's highest calling is to rewrite the Gospel, an authority however none of us possesses.